About me

Vintage has always been a hugely important part of my life wether it be buying vintage clothing and accessories, visiting museums or reading books on the subject.

I collect a wide variety of vintage garments although the biggest part of my collection is Horrockses dresses, which I have over forty of. I am always interested to see everyones Horrockses, so please do send me pictures!

My collection focuses on 40s and 50s. Key brands for me include:
- Susan Small
- Alice Edwards
- Sambo fashions
- Blanes
- Linzi Line
-Rhona Roy
- CC41
- Norman Hartnell
- Hardy Amies
- St Michael (early Marks and Spencer)

I can also be occasionally persuaded to buy later garments too, and I do enjoy a little bit of Ossie Clark, Jean Varon and Lee Bender.

Not only do I love buying vintage but I also have a strong scholarly interest in fashion history. I graduated last year with a first class degree in fashion design from Leeds university and have completed a number of museum based placements during my degree including Hampshire Museum Service, where I co-curated "Little Black Dress" at Portsmouth city museum. The exhibition was awarded "Best exhibition" at the Guide awards (Portsmouth) 2011. I am currently studying towards a masters degree at the Royal College of Art in design History.


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